Hello everyone

i have a VERY strange problem. I just got the M1's about two weeks ago. One of the first CD's i put in was the new nine inch nails cd STILL. although it sounded good i found the highs screechy and there were 'clicks' comming out of the tweeters (with the volume on my denon 1602 at only -15). So, i figured they needed to be broken in a little more. Listening again today, after about 75 hours of listening, i have the same 'click' problem. i know the cd is good, because if i plug my headphones in to my denon, it sounds perfect, no clicks. just vintage super high quality nine inch nails recording. i only get this problem with this cd. other nine inch nails recordings are beautiful, as are others that really use the tweeters a lot, such as classical music (which i play at louder volumes). the clicks tend to happen in piano parts, or other tweeter intensive parts. anybody have any kind of ideas or advice? i ADORE this cd and can't enjoy it with the clicks! they happen about 20 times per song!

thanks in advance, i'd LOVE to solve this!