Sorry if there's an old thread of this. I couldn't find one after searching for 5 seconds, so have this one.

I watched both volumes of Kill Bill today on Blu-ray. They both looked very stunning, with the second having a slight edge, although the audio of both really stole the show. Tarantino really knows how to create a lively, varied soundtrack. Besides the music, the sound effects are a lot of fun, with different scenes giving focus to what's happening onscreen in different ways.

It had been a while since I'd seen either, and I'm glad. Seeing them both in the same day on Blu-ray, in my home theater, really made me appreciate them as well as my system. I would certainly use them to show off what I have. I look forward to the impending release of Death Proof and the inevitable release of Pulp Fiction.

Now I need to work on the final disc of Cowboy Bebop, and later I'll watch Michael Phelps host Saturday Night Live.