Those who are seriously looking at the M3ti should read Goodsound, Soundstage, and reviews- those reviews are backed up with charts and comparisons to other comparable equipment by people {Ian Masters!} who have done blind listening tests comparing the M3ti to speakers in the 2000 dollar range. To charge 2000 for a speaker and not !!SIGNIFICANTLY!! best the performance of a 275 dollar speaker is shiesterism at it's finest. I for one have looked long and hard at the M3ti speakers, and will probably take the plunge and order them; NOT because they "are so good they are bad?!", but because Axiom seems to be a company concerned with giving their customers the biggest bang for the buck, as well as top notch customer service. Alas, it all comes down to what one prefers. As the reviewer from soundstage said, "are the 2750 dollar speakers really 10 times better than the Axioms, and do you get 10X better sound?!" ...Kudos to Axiom Audio for putting out what seems to be (I'll find out soon) one of the best "budget" audio components in a LONG time ( and I already own Paradigm products:) ).