Well, I went down to my home theater, turned everything on, and I heard this odd "electric" buzzing sound. If it was louder, I would have thought that I was in Dr Frankenstein's laboratory.

Anyway, it turns out that the sound (which lasted for about 3 seconds) was coming from my Sanyo Z3 projector... And then the "replace lamp" light came on right before it shut itself down... I waited 5 minutes, tried again, and same thing... Buzz sound, and "replace lamp" light....

Argh... This thing has probably 1000 hours or maybe a little more on the "2000 hour" bulb... I know that it might have never hit "2000" hours, but 50-55% of that seems short.

So, is there any respectable place online that I can get a replacement bulb for less than $290 (plus shipping) like I saw on eBay and B&H photo? I'd love to get a new projector, but that is out of the question right now, so it looks like a new lamp is my only option...

Any ideas of places to shop with reasonable prices?
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