Okay, I'm a bit behind the times, but I finally got a chance to try a Wii... and the best adjective I could come up with was "underwhelming"... someone please tell me that it was low batteries in the Wiimotes or a miscalibration that made it so bad.

I'm talking about things like in shooting games, having the reticle show up a random X-Y offset away from where I'm pointing the Wiimote (okay, not everyone playing is a marksman level bullseye shooter, but... it was way off)... spending half my time trying to get my pointer to show up on screen, making my onscreen persona putt in mini golf instead of driving... the horseshoe and bowling games seemed to respond fairly well... and L. says the yoga poses were pretty good in WiiFit, but so many other things that I'm pretty good at (tennis, baseball, volleyball) just didn't translate well.

Kind of glad I got a chance to play one... now we're looking at a 360 instead.

Bren R.