Very good, Jay; at least you had Mojo fooled for a few seconds.

As to the listening impressions, as I commented in the Ninja thread seemingly eons ago, I would have been interested in a complete lab analysis by Axiom(with Ninja sharing of data)followed by double blind testing first for audible differences and then for preferences if differences were established. Although guesses don't count, I'll proceed to make a guess that if the described impressions actually exist, the factor involved would appear to be that the tweeter in the Ninja is mainly responsible(because of the much lower crossover)for a lot of the upper mid-range that the mid-woofers handle in the standard Axiom. Since changes in the crossover frequency are relatively simple and inexpensive, I'd also assume that Ian tried several different crossover frequencies in the design of the M22s and selected what delivered the best results with a wide range of program material.

Enjoy the music, not the equipment.