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It sounds like you are describing the type of music you prefer more so than the speakers you like twoears. That said, I thoroughly enjoy playing a wide range of music on my Axioms. Acoustic artists such as James Taylor and The Sundays really shine on them as does classical and well recorded music of virtually any kind. I have a preference for moderate volume in general as well so I can "hear more". I agree with the advice that I was given when auditioning speakers...that would be to use your own music preferences(hopefully quality recordings), give your ears a chance to 'adjust', play at the volume you prefer, take your time and make a note of what you liked/disliked about the speakers so you will remember. It's always good to play "challenging" music with a lot of variance such as Classical music as opposed to Pop or Hip Hop.

I don't master the vocabulary to describe speakers.

If I try I would say that what pleased me in the MA RS6 was that they did not sound boxy, that they were airy, had a generous enveloping bass, the higher frequencies had detail without harshness, the voices sounded warm and generous. I felt like I wanted to continue listening. I don't want to be too lyrical but there is something seductive about them.

Well, that was my attempt with words.
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