Friday I watched all of Kiddy Grade

I really enjoyed this. Unlike most reviewers I didn’t find the early episodes slow even though they were “assignment-of-the-week” fare. There are so many plot twists I could see how it might get confusing if it wasn’t watched in one sitting, but by watching it that way the plot twists kept it fresh. No an epic Sci-Fi anime but very good animation, voice acting and soundtrack.

Saturday I watched all of Full Metal Panic

I think I have to part with the masses on this one. It’s definitely worth watching but it just didn’t live up to the hype for me. The first story arc was fantastic and had it held up it would be on my top 10 list but as it progressed it became repetitive and predictable. Especially tedious was the relationship development between the main male and female characters. Also as the episodes progressed there seemed to be increasing use of filler. It was still a entertaining watch but just not good for watching all in one sitting.
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