First time poster, long time reader \:\)

One question for you all, what is better then getting "THE EMAIL" from Axiom telling you your speakers have shipped? How about a phone call from your wife 30 minutes before the email that your speakers have arrived!

3 M22's have arrived for my theatre that I will use as LCR's. This is going to be a slow process for me I joined this board a while ago and just made my first purchase 3 weeks ago. I have been living with a variety of band aid solutions for sound in my dedicated theatre for a while now while I saved to buy a full set of speakers from Axiom but I just never saw that day coming, so I decided to buy what I could afford and pick the rest up along the way.

I will now move my 2 Celestion SL6 si's I was using as my 2 channel sound to surround duty and save up for an EP350, which will then one day be followed by the purchase of some QS8's to replace the Celestions... one day \:\)

Can't wait to get home to hook them up!