First, thanks for the welcomes, I’d post some pics but the M22’s are behind my AT screen, so not much to see, unfortunately tragedy has struck...

I got home, unboxed my beautiful Boston Cherry M22 Factory Outlet speakers, couldn't find a single thing wrong them. I managed to put off setting them up until the kids went out to the park and then… disaster...

I believe the center channel on my AVR is pooched.

It is a hand me down from my father, an old Onkyo 656, which to be honest, I never checked the center channel on because I only had the 2 Celestion's to bother hooking up. We upgraded him to a new Denon 3808 and I got his old amp to tide me over until I made my purchase. It replaced a cheap HTiB setup I had going so that 2 channel sound was an upgrade believe it or not.

Now when I send the test tones to the 3 speakers I only get a couple of low crackles out of the center channel, left and right play fine. I swapped speakers and cable around to confirm it wasn't a bad speaker or cable and the cable and speakers are fine.

Anyone ever hear of a center channel dying on an AVR before? I don't have an amp at my disposal or I'd like to try the center channel pre-amp out on this AVR into an amp to see if the center channel out is any good. To be honest, I was considering buying an Emotiva XPA-3 somewhere in the distant future to drive these Axiom's, replacing the AVR was really going to be far down on the upgrade path so I had hoped to use the pre-outs on it, but now that I’m not getting anything out of the speaker outputs for the center channel I’m afraid I won’t get anything out of the pre-out as well.

Any tips or suggestions on how to further diagnose the possible bad center channel on my amp?