Some things are just worth waitng for \:\) Turns out, through no fault of Axiom's, this wasn't one of those times \:\(

I had a lot of things ahead of the speaker purchase, like building my theatre, projector, screen, painting, on and on, letting sound 'slip' all the while, waiting until I had that 2k or so saved up for the speakers I wanted. Nearly 3 years later I finally realized that the 2k wasn't going to materialize all at once, I hate debt and prefer to pay cash for everything, so the speakers were going to come a step at at time. Now I've gone one step forward and 2 back!

I am already a heavy blu ray user. With only 2 channel sound I was alright with the optical in on this avr, again, with the hopes of adding a new blu ray player down the road with analog outs I could take advantage of the new HD sound even with this old AVR, I really had plans to make the new AVR purchase the very, very last thing I do.

Good news is I just read about Onkyo's 9.2 lineup due out soon \:\) AV God's, why do you mock me!