wow these suckers are breaking in AS I play them! They arrived today.

Getting noticeably better as time goes on. That seems odd as I've only had 'em on for a couple hours. But either my ears have adjusted or they are breaking in. Seems at 1st there were a couple of light areas...while bass was uber-prevalent. Now I feel its evening out.

I realize one thing. I am going to have to move to the other room, I THINK. Unfortunately one speaker has to be like 9 inches from the wall and that's making me unhappy. Also I have them sitting about a foot too high right now. I need to take the whole wall-long "low bench" that all my stuff sits on down, and re-do it.

These speakers - I want to say that they are "athletic". Is that a weird way to put it? They really drive the music around. I'm hearing stuff more in detail and the detail is not only in WHAT I hear but HOW I hear it as I'm getting a nice spatial effect.
But as has been suggested these speakers DO strip the music naked and distortion is not hidden in the least. So I'm hearing distortion in this Crazy Horse album. Duh...that's how it was made! But its really DETAILED distortion! lol..... like taking a picture of rust or dirt, but real high resolution.

Anyhoo, I am thrilled, to say the least! and am really looking forward to trying some other things as far as positioning and sources, etc.

OMG!!!!!!!!! "Crossroad" by Cream just came on!!!!! ITS RIPPING MY FACE OFF!!!!!!!!!! rip rip rip!!!!!! in a good way!

these are SWEET rock speakers!!!!!!!

OK more later.... those however are my 1st impressions. Will try some different kinds of music soon. HA!!!!! the drums are HITTING ME!!!!!!!
Ginger Baker thou art a crazy mahnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Aunty Em
Tampa, FL