I totally understand what you are saying my friend.. I for one am lucky, I " own " the basement so I can place my speakers and subs anywhere I want.. but I'm building a brand new HT system for my cousin and his better half has her paw prints all over the thing.. first it was " I want ALL electronics in the closet" .. then it was " I don't want a big tv and a bunch of stuff with the big tv showing" .. then it was " I change my mind, I don't want it in the closet" and on and on..

Finally, we've got the Epic 80 - 500 system in his basement, still in the shipping boxes, along with a new Onkyo 807 receiver and the bunch of BlueJeans cable that just came in today.. the big Build is this coming Saturday.. I told him.. make sure your wife has " other plans " for the entire day.. Don't get me wrong, I like her.. I just don't want her around me while I'm setting up six grand worth of gear !!!!!! She'll drive me crazy ! I can't wait for her reaction to the EP-500 size.. !! no honey, it's not our new coffee table.. it's a SUB.. !! Yes honey, the M80s are quite large, but wait, just sit down and listen .. he he he..:-)

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