Here are my thoughts after one viewing of the Blu Ray with some comparisons of the Paris DVD.

Visually it is very average. The Paris concert looked great. This is not a big disappointment to me because it is after all a music video.

The sound quality is extremely good. Better than the Paris concert. The Paris concert sound is no slouch either.

Song selection was good. I didn't care for many of the orchestrations in the Paris concert but I liked them much better in the Rio concert. I prefer the arraangements with just the main players

There are great moments of virtuosity in the Rio concert and it is nice to see that ensemble of musicians again. I love them.

I have a Netflix copy right now but I will be buying it. If I could only have one it would be a tough call. If the Paris concert was on Blu Ray I would easily choose the Paris concert.

But I will have both and I will just watch my favorite parts from each disc.

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