Just watched watched the Blu-ray of “Mission Impossible meets Dr. Dolittle meets Transformers” AKA “G-Force.” Not an academy award winning and nothing to original (are any parodies) never-the-less entertaining.

The video is not “film like” but has an appeal anyway. Colours are way over saturated, very high contrast and often digitally enhanced scenes making the whole thing appear like eye candy. Purists won’t like it but I thought it had a nice look.

Audio quality is a little above average nothing to special nor to offensive. Gotta give credit though for working “Oh Fortuna” into a guinea pig action movie.

The movie itself is formulaic but for me there was never a dull moment. I found it a much more entertaining movie than any of the “Mission Impossible” movies and way less tedious than the last “Transformer” movie. Action scenes didn’t drag out and it had one of the few car chases I’ve enjoyed in awhile.

As a parody it took a lot of swipes at various movies. Not sure if it was a swipe at something but in once set of scenes there’s a hamster in a log cabin with a Canadian flag above the door. Something we should know about Canadian hamsters? It’s also IMO one of Nicholas Cage’s least offensive performances.

Worth watching if you like light entertainment or parodies of movies that take themselves to seriously.
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