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I watched Inglorious Basterds last week and thought all the subtitles were in the picture for me on my Oppo... if there were some in the black they weren't missed as I watched the picture zoomed in to 2.35 on my 2.35 screen and they would have been project oned my wall and I didn't notice them. Which languages ended up down there?

It was english subtitles. I remember thinking they messed up as well, because someone would say "Merci" and instead of saying "Thank you," the subtitle would say "Merci." This happened at least 5 or 6 times in the movie, perhaps it was intentional.

Edit: You know, now you have me thinking. I watched Pride and Glory on Video on Demand a night or two after... Maybe it was that. In fact I think it was, because IB had yellow subtitles if I am not mistaken, and P&G had white, and I remember them being white on the black bar. Makes sense... Still sucks for people with 2.35 screens though.

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