It is a 5.1 setup. My room is big (25x22x19). I am leaning towards wall-mounting the right side approx five feet high and slightly behind the listener (I have no choice due to narrow wall next to sliding doors), and mounting the left side approx 4 feet high (under the picture) and either slightly behind ear level or directly to the side of the listener. I guess I could also use a stand on the right side and get it directly to the side of the listener (in front of sliding glass door, with the stand's legs hidden behind sectional couch), and wall mount the left at a similar height to avoid using a stand on that side (less visual issues by wall mounting). Decisions, decisions! I currently have them sitting on a half wall using the rubber feet that came with my M80s, just behind and slightly to the sides of the listening area. I do not like them so close to my ears. They get too overwhelming (my fronts and center are nearly 15 feet away). That is why I like the idea of putting them on the side walls and elevating them above ear level. Is it a problem having the surrounds wall mounted at slightly different heights? The left one will be six feet away from the closest listener, so hopefully the sound will be disbursed enough to not be able to tell that it is at a different height than the right side surround.