I currently have the ability to try out 2 different low end BR players, Samsung BDP-1600 and the LG 350c. The Samsung is the better of the 2. The LG (Running the latest firmware on it) appears to have some issues with loading some movie titles, the most recent one I watched on the LG was UP!, I had to turn the LG on and off a few times before it finally started reading the tracks right, it even had center channel dialogue coming out the Left surround speaker for awhile. We had chapter titles popping up on and off through out the movie. I played the movie on the Samsung and it had no problems at all. I am quite impressed with my $100 purchase of the Samsung. \:\)

M80 v2
VP160 v3
QS8 v2
PB13 Ultra
Denon 3808
Samsung 85" Q70