I've owned plenty of Sony products over the years, I've just learned my lesson.

1. Early Discman, cold solder joints on AC adapter input cracked after only a few months, repaired by me, laser diode failed 6 months out of warranty.
2. Early DVD player, laser diode failed after 2 months, replaced with the same model, laser diode filed 18 months out of warranty.
3. Handycam, connection broke for controls on fold-out screen after 2 weeks: repaired under warranty.
4. Medium-high end receiver, went into fault under warranty, repaired after 2 months at repair center, warranty expired during that time, they tried to bill me. Cold solder joints on speaker selector switch broke out of warranty, repaired by me, solder joints on surround relays cracked, repaired by coworker.
5. 36" Wega TV, tuner failed out of warranty, given to my brother who still uses it, but with a cable box.
6. Pair of surround speakers play at levels 4 dB different from each other. Probably like that from the factory, but didn't notice until I go serious about setting my system up correctly.

My Sony subwoofer still works! And the main channel speakers aren't too horrible, but they were the most expensive the local Sears sold at the time. My PS2 is a little slow at reading discs, but it was purchased in July of 2001.

Pioneer PDP-5020FD, Marantz SR6011
Axiom M5HP, VP160HP, QS8
Sony PS4, surround backs