I was just curious because at one time I thought of Sony as the Honda of audio.... safe, reliable, and just all around goodness. I never thought of Sony as the ultimate high end equipment, but I thought it was a very solid brand that was bullet proof that you simply couldn't go wrong with.

I have since completely changed my opinion of them. Now I think of Sony mostly as an overpriced supplier of subpar equipment. I still have my Sony DVD player that I keep falling back on while my search for a BD player continues. But as well as it's held up my search for a BD player does not include any Sony's.

So I guess I was wondering how you, like me, could dismiss a company that has held up for you for so long. And the answer is that you, like me, have found them out for what they really are. Explanation accepted. \:D

My Stuff :

Denon 4802
Emotiva XPA-3
Samsung BD-P3600
Sharp 65 Inch Aquos LCD