Despite the fact that solving the severe problems in the world today is light years ahead of this discussion in importance, I still will have to repeat my comments again; NONE of the issues discussed with regard to missing info in the first couple of seconds of CD's along with SACD and DVD Audio has EVER happened with my player and I was an early adopter in which I received the unit in early May/09 well ahead of the end of June official release and I DO have the player hooked strictly via HDMI in to my receiver and then on to my monitor. With any of these discs, what may or may not be happening to their playability aren't necessarily hard and fast problems with every single one of them. With software based equipment that we see today, like computers, they can be intermittent, IF it happens at all.

From my experience, the inconsistency STILL prevalent in even current HDMI connectivity tends to be the culprit when it comes to intermittent sound AND video dropout problems much more often than the actual players themselves, primarily due to having to send BOTH audio and video through the cable at the same time. Of course S/PDIF connections won't have the problem because they are only dealing with the audio. Pioneer is still having periodic HDMI handshake issues with some of its newer AVR's and even the new Onkyo's and Integras are requiring firmware updates weeks or even days after their introduction. As far as Terminator Salvation(a movie that I own)I guess since I don't live in Europe, whatever the problems may or may not be, aren't an issue for me. Incidentally, the feature of reverting back to the lossy core in secondary audio is nothing unique to Oppo. I also have a Panasonic BD55 BD player(a very good one) and it operates in the same manner.

Practically speaking, as far as AVS is concerned, it has been mentioned on this and several other forums some of their "rants", at times, can be VERY problematic. For some, small little issues become monumental. Unlike any of the other forums that I have ever seen or read, for whatever reasons, they have just too many individuals there that seem to have "axes to grind". Before I even think of talking about the strengths and/or weaknesses of any piece of equipment, I will make sure that rather than read someone else's "whines" on an internet site, I will make sure I have spent a considerable amount of time using it in every day "real world" situations, since without that, I cannot realistically, make a proper assessment of its capabilities. That is my job and that is what my clients expect.

Considering the pretty well unanimous positive reviews from the dozen or so reviewers who have written about the BDP83, I am quite sure several of them have refrained from "kissing" Oppo's backside.