As some of you already know, I started to build my future HT last week. For now, I have the AVR-890 and M80s for the front. Since it's my first HT, this is the first receiver that I have used. I already ran Audyssey. Also I've been playing with it all week, there is a couple of things so far that I can't seem to figure out and the Denon user manual is not really "newbie friendly":

1) I have the TV, the receiver and the blu ray player connected thru HDMI. I have the HDMI control feature enable as I like the fact that when I turn on the TV or the BDP, the RCV turns on. The problem that I found is that when I turn on the BDP to listen to a CD, the TV and RCV also turn on, then since I am listening to music, I turn off the TV and then the BDP and RCV also turn off. Is there a way to only enable some off the turn ON/OFF features or my only choice is to disable HDMI control all together?

2) When watching video content, DVD, BD or even flipping thru TV channels, I noticed that the RCV displays "offset -XdB" with X changing. What exactly does that mean? I couldn't find it on the manual.

3) Finally my biggest issue. As I said, for now I only have the fronts. When watching a DVD, Dolby Digital shows up on the RCV. I can ear everything perfectly clear except the dialog. I understand that in a 5.1 movie, most of the dialog goes to the center channel that I don't have. The problem is that most movies nowadays don't come with the stereo soundtrack anymore. I tried to set the RCV to stereo, and STEREO shows on the display but I didn't hear much difference. I also tried different modes like DIRECT, PURE, and other Denon effect, but nothing really helped. Is there a way that I can set the RCV to send the center channel track to the fronts? Can I do something or do I have to live with this until I get a center?

Your help is greatly appreciated.

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