aka "What unappetizing thing are you cooking today ?"

Thought I would try some "fusion" cooking for this week's lunches. Sort of a Wal-Mart-ized Italian version of Sauerbraten, I guess, going by the name of "Beach Boy's Pot Roast".

Nice and simple - cut slits in a beef roast, insert slices of garlic, drop into the slow cooker, then dump an entire jar of pepperoncini peppers and juice over the roast and cook for 12 hours or more. All good so far.

I lifted the lid after a couple of hours to make sure it was still happy, and noticed that the garlic slices had turned a blue-green colour. Nothing subtle, looked like they had been soaked in turquoise paint and rinsed briefly.

A bit of quick digging around on the ol' internet revealed that this frequently happens when garlic is exposed to an acidic environment, and is not a problem. I guess being braised in a jar of pickle juice is about as acidic an environment as any of us are likely to encounter.

After a few more hours the colour has faded a bit, so now it just looks like the garlic *used* to be turquoise. Not sure whether that is better or worse. I guess I'm going to have to pick out the garlic slices before letting anyone see the finished dish.

All that said, it does seem as if slow-cooker roasts have some potential. It's starting to smell good now that the aroma from the beef is winning over the "aroma" from a boiling jar of pepperoncini...

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