My wife just let me know that my new speakers have turned up at home exactly a week after ordering them. Top work Axiom and Fedex \:\)

Now I'm resisting the urge to skip work two hours early and go home and have a play.... *twitch*

1 W100 In-Wall Speaker in Boston Cherry for 339.00 AUD
1 Pair W3 In-Wall Speakers in Boston Cherry for 439.00 AUD
1 Pair QS4 Surrounds in Boston Cherry for 570.00 AUD

is what I got \:\)

The only slight glitch is that because it came to over $1000 AUD I had to pay import duty/tax of ~%16, negating the %5 Axiom theater discount. Doh. I'll know better next time - split the order.

I'll post some pics of the install as it progresses \:\)