Hi Guys, I have a 2.1 system I want to expand out.
room details: pair of w22s about 6 feet apart for fronts. Room: 22 x 14, TV against long wall, listening position pushed AGAINST other back wall. A 350v2 sub sits in back corner. Amp/reciever: Sherwood Newcastle r-972. Ceiling is 8 foot in back, rises to about 16' over TV.

I want to got to 5.1, wish I could go to 7.1, but the fact that my seating position is flush against the back wall is causing me all sorts of issues. Ideally, I'd like to mount the bi-pole QS4's on back wall, but what would having the wall so close to me do to sound? And where would I position them? ~Note that they have to be about nine feet apart (back window) and also recall that ceiling sloops up from them...

Every diagram I've ever seen (using bipole rears) shows those speakers at least three feet behind the seating positon. Does the rear wall force me to consider something else, direct radiating speakers mounted to side walls perhaps? Thank you in advance!