I'm not really looking for advice here, but just wanted to describe my experience, so far today.

I added a W100 to my M22's today and I'm supprised how "different" the sound is with this speaker. So far, it's just sitting on a box under the TV with a book under the back part of it so it isn't at too much of an angle. (Later I'll get 2 W22's to match). I'll stick it in the wall this Sunday. With the Pioneer Elite, I've had it in Front Stage Stereo Wide mode for a few weeks and got used to the sound of it. Now, I've got a 3.0 with L/C/R only. I've tried all of the surround modes several times with different material.

I've noticed there is less bass and less power to the sound. I've disconnected the center while playing with no change in the sound from the other speakers, so I know it's not due to adding more speakers to the receiver. I do need to increase the volume in order to get a greater impact of sound that I've grown accustomed to, such as setting the volume to -8 instead of -18. I've also been decreasing the volume on the center, and that seems to help a bit.

The first thing I did was run MCACC to get an EQ setting. I've listedned with EQ both on and off and right now I can tell very little difference, unlike before with just the M22s. My favorite setting for sound so far is PL +THX Cinema but this doesn't allow for seperate bass and treble adjustments, other than the EQ, which I haven't touched. But it just sounds more fuller.

Overall my system sounds good, but I can hear much more detail with just the stereo mode engaged. Perhaps I've just been spoiled by the Pioneer sound stage enhancements.