Have been a long time reader of this forum, and finally decided to become part of it. Last summer I spent a lot of time reading about and listening to speakers. Well, I read about Axioms and listened to Monitor Audios, mainly. I think Chesseroo favorably compared the MA Silver Series to Axioms. So I figured the Monitors would give me a good impression of the Axiom sound. Spent a good two hours at a local hifi shop listening to the MA Silver and Gold series. Went in the morning during a weekday to avoid other customers to do some serious listening. Heck, I didn't even speak to a salesperson for about an hour and a half, which isn't necessarily bad. Close call between the S6 and S8, but in the end I went the the GR 10. They had just a tad more detail in the uppers, and threw out an incredible soundstage. As much as I like GR 10s, I'm still thinking about floorstanders. In any case, congrats on the new purchase. By the way, I know I'm new to the boards, but would love to listen to the S8s and the M60s. I'm not too far from where you are.

Wow, here I was trying to ingratiate myself to the forum by, um, telling everyone about my speaker speaker shopping for NOT Axioms. Oh yeah, and I was trying to weasel my way into a listen session with Mark (bigwill).

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