Excerpt from the article: Lest you think that this won't affect existing players, note that after January 1, 2011, the manufacturers of Blu-ray discs will be able (at their option) to insert an Image Constraint Token into any Blu-ray disc. This is a sort of "digital flag" that will turn off the high-definition component video output in the player (effectively turning it into a low-resoluton 480i/576i output). The goal is to make sure that all high-definition video will only be made possible through "secure" digital connections like HDMI.

Do you see the disc manufacturers doing this? Consumers aren't going to know about these new restrictions, but when they suddenly can't view their movies in full HD anymore, they are going to complain (assuming they notice of course...plenty of people out there sadly have a HDTV and are watching in SD without knowing the difference).