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Yeh, right now my plan is
I am going from the M80's ..someday
but I was thinking if the M22 are the perferred setup for a rear channel, then I would start with a pair of m22's so atleast I can hook them up and listen to something other than tv audio.
then order a sub, next would be the M80's.then a centre channel , then my QS8's for sides.

But, if QS8's are better for a rear channel then buying the M22's would be a waste of money and I may as well start out with the M80's, now
doing the 80's on the layaway plan actually most of it, atleast I will get everything over time

Like others have said, I think it does depend on your room layout and your personal taste. Some like to have a diffuse surround field while others prefer a more directional surround field. Sometimes your room layout and seating arrangement will dictate what type of speakers will sound best.