With so much free internet music why bother with XM on the 4308? ;\)

This what it says in my 3808 manual I would imagine the 4308 is the same:

"The AVR-3808CI is an XM Ready® receiver. You can receive XM®
Satellite Radio by connecting to the XM Mini-Tuner and Home Dock
(includes home antenna, each sold separately) and subscribing to the
XM service.
• Plug the XM Mini-Tuner and Home Dock into the XM connector on
the rear panel.
• Position the Home Dock antenna near a south-facing window to
receive the best signal.
For details, see “Listening to XM Satellite Radio Programs” (vpage
49, 50).
When making connections, also refer to the operating instructions of
the XM Mini-Tuner and Home Dock"

M80 v2
VP160 v3
QS8 v2
PB13 Ultra
Denon 3808
Samsung 85" Q70