I logged into monoprice today and saw the following message:

Incident Background: Some of our customers recently reported to us that information from credit cards they used on the Monoprice website had been misused.

Our outside investigators have continued to review log files from our Internet-facing servers. They have not found evidence of any successful attempts to penetrate our computer system. Our internal IT staff found some suspicious files on one of our quarantined Web servers while they were reviewing files to build replacement servers.

We have identified the suspicious files to our outside investigators so that they can extract the files from the image of our servers that they made earlier. We asked them to let us know if the suspicious files are significant. We will post more information here about the investigation when we have it.

We are taking steps to re-launch our site early next week. We will not take credit card payments on the site initially but will take payments through PayPal Express and Google Checkout. We will let you know when the site is available. Thank you for your continued support.

For more update, please check our Facebook out.

Yikes, I hope my CC number wasn't used by a hacker or something!