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Suggestion No. 5: Improve the sound quality of the already wonderful Axiom speakers.

Yes, we all love our Axiom speakers. For me, the reasons are that Axiom speakers give great audio quality for a good price. My favorite Axiom speakers for 2 channel music (2.1) are the M3Tis. These are excellent speakers, at a very good price, but they are not perfect. It has its detractors on this site who correctly point out that these speakers have a 'hump' in their frequency response at about 90-120HZ and a 'hole' at about 8HZ.

So, here is the plot from SoundStage.com:

Response curve is an average of five measurements:
on-axis, 15 degrees left and right off-axis,
15 degrees up and down off-axis

Now, here is the plot for the Usher Be-718 (Little Dancer)

Here is the plot for the MB Quart Vera VS 1F Loudspeaker:

Have you tried the M2 v2? That has a flat response curve more in line with the Usher & Quart. BTW, how much do those speakers cost?