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I agree. I think the sound quality I like so much about the M3 is because the driver mechanically rolls off and Axiom uses no cross over.

The Reference 3a de capo speakers use the same pure signal path solution but sound much better than the M3s. Nevertheless, I think Axiom is on the right path with the M3, just needs something, dunno what - new cabinet design, new cap/resistor array for the tweeter, new tweeter, dunno.

Ola HTnut, I had a pair of M2es, just gave them away (not because I did not like them, but because I did). They are very much like the M22s, just less.

Kcarlie, I have M22s. I know they are ruler flat. To my ears, there is something missing, and I am not just speaking about bass. The sound quality of the M22s is also 'flat.'

Thanks also for assuring us about the status of problems with Axiom subwoofers and amplifiers. Everything is fine, nothing to look at here, just move along.

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The M3s are so tube friendly. M80s are hard to schlepp to listening sessions. I like book shelf speakers.

However, Mr. Sroode, your point is well taken. That is why I hope our friends at Axiom come out with a revised M3 that is again a world beater. The rest of the audio world has caught up.

I agree with Fred that Axiom clearly devoted substantial resources to its subwoofer project ... and since resources are finite, perhaps resources which could have been used to upgrade Axiom's current line of speakers.

It would be intersting to hear an M3 will a fully designed crossover where the speaker is not using its own mechanical roll-off. I am sure the speaker would sound different. But I bet that is a reason why you like the M3 so much.

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