OK, so, we have speaker A with a ruler flat frequency response, but speaker A only reproduces frequencies between 5000Hz and 10000Hz; we have speaker B with a ruler flat frequency response, but speaker B reproduces frequencies between 20Hz and 20000Hz. The FR curve is indistinguishable. Do they sound the same?

Of course not.

The point is that the objective measurements we rely on to compare speaker performance measure only a limited set of variables.

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OK, so, here's the question:

Do all speakers with flat response sound the same?

Let's refine the vopros, if I have a speaker which only reproduces the frequency range of 5000Hz to 10,000Hz, but produces a ruler flat response will it sound identical to another speaker of another manufacturer which produces a flat response...

Do we think that all the variables which contribute to a speaker's sound quality are measured by a frequency response curve?

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