I like Axioms. I buy them for myself and my friends. I don't know how many Axiom speakers you've had, but I suspect I have even more. I vote with my wallet and I think I'm entitled to express my opinions. Sorry if you're insulted by my opinions and forgive me if I laugh a bit as I type this.

In my opinion, Axiom must raise its game or its prospects are as exciting as this board, which is to say, not very. Now, before you say "if you don't like it just leave," I've been a member since 2002. This is where I post my audio interests.

Now, if you think it is insulting to Axiom when I say they are falling behind by standing still, or that they are misdirecting their energies by bringing out amplifiers and subwoofers, that's your problem.

I'd like to see Axiom come out with world-beaters, the audio counterpart of "killer apps." To me, Axiom is about great speakers at a decent price. I'd like to see them make better speakers at a great price. That's just me. Why does my opinion bother you?

If you think I'm calling you a fan boy when I have never directed a post to you or mentioned you in a post, you probably are a fan boy. Live with it.

Let a thousand flowers bloom.

At least we're not talking about cartoons so no one is likely to try to burn my house down.

 Originally Posted By: MarkSJohnson
I get the distinct impression that you feel that anyone who happens to like a company or it's products is automatically a one-note fanboy.

As usual, I find your attitude insulting and annoying.

Believe it or not, it's possible to be satisfied with a company's products and market position without feeling the need to tell them they have to offer something different for me to accept them.

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