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During our last teleconference we were actually discussing this (ideas and getting input). Ken, Peter, Randy and I are just four. It would be nice to get the Axiom folks a broader perspective of things they float by the four of us for input. The hard part is going to be how we go about asking for forum input without letting the cat out of a bag when Axiom does not want it out running around chasing mice. One thing about this company is that they do not generally speak to future products like other companies do. I think this is a smart move on their part after seeing how far out in the weeds that practice can go if the company misses a release date. Outlaw’s latest is a good example….. I saw the same thing happen with Sherwood Newcastle and Carry Audio. They announced a pending product, missed promised release dates and were crucified by folks who were waiting for them.

So rambling aside, just know that Axiom does want input. We just need to come up with an effective way to channel that input in a helpful and logically disciplined manor that won’t fill up endless threads and PM boxes. I’m sure the sharp minds of this forum can come up with something……….

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