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How about a good pair of headphones?

B&W now makes them... http://www.bowers-wilkins.com/display.aspx?infid=4571

Would you buy Axiom headphones? I think I would. \:\)

I agree with 2x6 on one point... I also think Axiom's speakers are looking a little outdated. While the custom finishes go a long way towards improving on the cosmetics, they're still just kind of boring box speakers. I love my M80's for their SQ - absolutely - but they're not exactly going to set the world on fire with their looks.

I fully understand that the point is sublime SQ. That's one reason our beloved Axiom speakers are inexpensive. But isn't there room for a "premium" line? I think there is. I'd love it if Axiom made a higher-end line of speakers. A 'halo' product, as it were. Something with a little more dramatic flair to them. They don't have to be Dynaudio Evidence Masters, or B&W 800 Series Diamonds, but something a little more like Dynaudio's Contour series, or Paradigm Reference Studio 100's. Speakers with a little more 'oomph'.

Put it another way... I've been on this Axiom scene now since 2003. Nearly seven years now. Axiom has gone from the "Ti" version to the "V2"'s, added the on-wall's, brought out the EP500+800, and the amps. Those aren't trivial things and I respect Axiom for what they've done. But nothing has changed with their core M-series speakers. They're looking a little tired, IMHO.

It is interesting you mention the newer Paradigm Studio Series in your comments. I have dealt with a local store in the area for several years, that has sold the entire Paradigm line since pretty much their inception as a company and when this newer line was introduced the manager(who is a friend of mine) along with a few other long time employees commented, quite unanimously, that despite the fancier aesthetics and cabinetry AND hefty price increase, they had actually "cheapened" their drivers and the sound, overall, in their opinion, wasn't as good as the originals. They were tending to recommend other lines in their offerings(Totem, Focus Audio etc.)that represented better sound and value to their customers.

I have had several Paradigms in the past including a few of the Studio series but, not having heard the newer line, I have no way of comparing.

Perhaps there is another agenda here but, I guess, given the above comments from people who have sold the product for years, it would seem it's not always just about building fancier and more "modern looking" speakers.