Nice work, PeterC.

Regrettably, I have to agree about the aesthetics. Whether we like it or not, a certain amount of perceived value is "how does it look?". In particular, I think the ongoing use of convex, woven dustcaps in the M series looks funny. So many manufacturers are offering concave, metal dustcaps (like in the Axiom subs).

Auto speakers seem like a very logical next step, too.

I want Full Metal Brackets to be less expensive.

If Axiom DOES start researching a premium line, I hope it will be very well differentiated from the mainstram offerings in all respects (including form-factor). I don't think a piano-gloss M80 with upgraded capacitors is useful.

Many have commented over the years that a 3-way monitor might fill a void in the lineup. A bookshelf larger and more capable than the M22.

I'd like to see Axiom indulge their recently-acquired former Mirage designer (whose name I regrettably cannot remember - so sorry). Perhaps pursue omnipolar, open baffle or other similar designs.

Honestly, I think Axiom should stick to their core business and strengths. And there have been MANY advancements over the last several years. In addition to those already mentioned, the Audiobytes, Outdoor speakers, M0, in-walls, etc. When many of us were first seduced by Axiom 6-7 years ago, all they had was the Ti series (including the long-lost M40) and subs (including the flagship EP350). I don't think Axiom gets enough credit for bringing totally new products to market on their terms.

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