It's not like Axiom rests on it's laurels concerning their M series either. The cabinets haven't changed for some time but that is because it's shaped the way it is for a reason(standing wave cancellation) it as pretty or sexy as a curved cabinet which are 'de rigueur'? not really, but in optional finishes, it can look very beautiful in it's own right. Changing the proven cabinet design to a curved or ellipse would be nice, but not necessarily a wise business decision. The innards have been tweaked over the years, as have the tweeters to my knowledge(I've not been here too long) and I'm sure Axiom continues to test some new ideas on their existing series. Whether those ideas make it to production, depends on what the results of testing would entail.

It'll be interesting to see what new ideas Andrew brings to the table, having come from a different design approach over at Mirage(API). As noted, you don't want to spread your company too's like fighting a war on too many fronts. Do what you do best, and make it the best you can but sometimes a new idea or approach is refreshing.

Axiom, could do a test run of say 50-100 prs of "higher end" bookshelf speakers of a design unigue to their regular lineup, in say, Vassalo HG Rosewood as a trial to test this market. Having a pre-order will reduce costs, I'm not talking AV123 here!!, and since the majority of us drool over the HG Rosewood, I think they'd be an easy sell with that finish.

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