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Just a public service note, if I (at least) don't directly comment on telling Axiom about something, it could mean a number of things:

1) I already know there's something in the works, but we can't talk about it.
2) We've talked about it, and Axiom ain't gonna do it.
3) I'm not particularly interested in it. Maybe one of the other council members is. Maybe Axiom is. An example: I'm not particularly interested in Axiom headphones, but it sounds like Peter might be.
4) I didn't read the thread very carefully and/or I didn't see the suggestion.
5) Some other reason I can't think of right now.

Of course, this may be completely unnecessary if Peter Bell or one of the other Axiom staffers is reading this thread.

(commenting on bold part)

Is the whole purpose of the customer council to speak on behalf of Axiom customers and/or consumers in general than just in the self-interest of the individuals that sit on the council or a little of both?

I would hope the latters is not case and that the customer council will pass on all ideas whether they agree with them or not. In a sense acting as an official representative and in the best interest of the consumer and their POV. IMO if there is strong heated debate between the producer (Axiom) and the Customer Council (speaking on behalf of all Axiom customers) and each party/group acting in their own best interest (having critical debates), this can spark progress, future growth and innovation otherwise I hope it does not end up being counter-productive.

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