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Reminds me of what was pretty much my only Mescaline trip....

I was at a friends house and though I was sitting on the edge of his bed in his room, my perspective was as if I was floating up in the corner near the ceiling, looking at the room as though through a fisheye lens.

I saw a gargoyle flying around the flag pole at Camp Horno. Turn out to be an owl. My buddy at UW Madison had never done it before and tripped out at a Phish concert at Alpine Valley. I lost track of him and next thing I see he’s trying to climb over a barricade to get to the stage between sets. Best I could get out of him was that he thought he was Trey and need to get back to the stage to get the band playing again. Just under 7 years and I’m in the clear, not that I’m counting. ;\)

BTW how’s it “pretty much . . . ?”

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