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I love that look too. I have a set of Opus 2’s in piano black and gold plated trim. I haven’t dusted them off in two years. I keep having visions of scratching them as I get near them with any sort of polishing cloth….

Try the disposable Swiffer floor dusting clothes. I'll hit up my (large collection of piano black) electronic gear, and then put the cloth on the Swiffer mop and do the floors (don't get order backward).
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Piano Black is incredibly labor intensive. It takes numerous coats of clear to give it depth. Each coat is polished prior to the next coat. Not sure how many coats go on Axiom’s, but it usually takes no less than ten.

That's pretty much what I figured, even if it isn't on a veneer, it is still a lot of work. I don't need a true hand finish, would just like some black gloss. The base of my TV stand, is a high gloss plastic coat over MDF. I love the way it looks.

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