After looking carefully at the mounting bracket and the speaker itself I have come to a conclusion.
The speaker itself has 4 sets of "guides-slides" or whatever you want to call them.
The mounting bracket has 3 pairs of grooves. One set on each short side and one set on a long side.
I think the design is meant to work like this.
Mount the bracket in wall with the top having the grooves.
Put the speaker in and push back until the speaker guides go past the grooves, then the speaker "falls into position. The bottom guides fall over the edge of the bracket, holding the speaker in place. It does not lock as securely as the w22 speakers do, but at least it stays in position.
If anyone else has the time, take a look at your wall mounting bracket.
Another point. If you look at how tight the speaker fits into the bracket, you will see that the speaker only has about 1/8 inch clearance. So there really is no way for the speaker to slide in the vertical direction.
I think Axiom has the directions wrong. I am going to write them and find out for sure.

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