Hi Folks,

I got my speakers (1x EP350, 2x M2, 2x M22 2x QS8 and 1x VP150) about a month ago, but due to construction in the house I hadn't had a chance to set up the speakers until a couple of days ago.

My first problem took me quite some time to figure out because I wasn't getting sound from the sub and was very frustrating to troubleshoot. It is the jack in the back of the EP350. If the input jack has any lateral tension on it, the sub cuts out. It's as though the Axiom-supplied jack is too small a diameter for the contacts in the female recepticle! I have to carefully adjust the cable's approach to the back of the sub so it does not apply any tension to the 90 degree jack left, right, up or down.

The next issue is a constant hum from the sub. I am using a new Pioneer SC-27 paired to Sheerwire 12 AWG OFC high-bandwidth speaker cabling and the sub is using Belden 1694A RG6 cable to gold ICM compression RCA fittings. The sub is constantly emitting a hum. The hum has two intensities, a quieter steady hum and an occasional louder one that lasts for perhaps 5 seconds before reverting back to the quieter one. The louder hum occurs every two or three minutes. I have moved the power cable to a clean source and tried turning off devices in the viscinity. The other seven speakers are silent without an input signal. It's only the sub making unwelcome noise. Any ideas?