Well, it's that time again. Back in February.....I had my six year anniversary with my Axiom M60's.

I know most of you have read my mini-reviews over the years, where, I crow about how great they are, what a great deal they were when I bought them, (in custom vinyl oak) and, how they still look like new,(no issues at all) after all these years.....and how they sounded so much better than my old JBL'S, and how they still sound fantastic....the same as when new, and how easy they are to drive with ANY amp/avr, etc. how they love to play clean, and LOUD......and so on.

Well, it's all still true....

BUT! I have a confession to make.

I often play music, when I'm on the computer, thru my........ (gulp) Phillips computer speakers. There I said it.
I am not always able to have a critical listening session with the M60.s....BUT!
When I get a new cd, and want to hear what it REALLY sounds like.....I'm back to the trusty M60s.

The main one's I want to read this are any new customers....trying to decide if Axiom's are right for them. I wanted to point out, not just the great sound, and features, like most do, but also how well they are made, and how they last, thru the years....up there with the best!

Remember: "enjoy the Music....AND the M60s" (larryism)

LIFE: "Choices, balance, and timing"