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Plus, I'm thinking that if you are in the market for buying a new sub and you are wavering on the decision that a DSP controlled sub is worth the extra price, you could save a few hundred by buying the non-DPS version (350 anyone) and then put the money towards this item that does both the EQ function and adds DSP control.

Great, now I really, really want to buy stuff.


What's priceless is the ability the SMS-1 has to output the graph on your big screen in "realtime" It's really cool and tells you the real story of what's going on in your room at "any" position you desire. It also eliminates me having to do the "subwoofer crawl" \:\)

Put the sub in the LP and walk around the room with the mic, and there you go! Instant frequency response Graph!

Now just go buy one already! \:\)

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