This is my first post on the forum and I am looking for help creating upgraded sound for a new 50" Samsung plasma. I am a real dolt in this area and have not had a decent system in 30 years. Just to give you an idea of this, I still have have my original Marantz 2220B receiver from which I blew the speakers that came with it. 20 years later a couple of smooth talking dudes sold me a pair of speakers from the back of their van. The speakers were so huge I felt I could never blow them and although I never did they sounded like shit. Now am back to square one - help!

The following is a post I made on another forum but since then I have been reading many posts here and am more confused than ever. Any thoughts????

Is a 3.0 system feasible and sound good?

I live in a high rise condo. Living room (TV) is app 11x20 and also open to a 9x9 solarium and 8x12 dining room. Just bought Samsung 50" plasma and the sound is not great at all.

Looking at a 1910 Denon receiver (or 790 which seems identical?) $600 to $650.

First speaker quote was Paradigm Millenia 20 trio $1150 with PDR8 sub $260. A package deal with receiver and looks nice and compact but over $2000 plus tax.

Same dealer also offered Paradigm Cinema 330 center $335, Atom L&R $300, stands $140 with same sub and receiver total $1560 + tax.

Have now looked at Axiom 2nds M22 L&R $424, 150v2 center $367, 125v2 sub $338, stands $186 total $1315 + need receiver.

So....... Axiom has a heavy duty M80 floor standing unit $1200/pair, with 150v2 center $367 total $1567 + receiver. My questions are - would this kind of system work in my condo with no sub, is the Denon sufficient to drive it and would one of the other systems be better?

System is 80% TV and 20% music unless sounds so good we will listen to more music. Any thoughts or should I just stick to HTIB and save $$$$.

Also, I live in the GTA in Ontario.