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I think their base amps are pairs, that's why there's 8 instead of an odd number.

I'm holding my breath for them to build a mono-block.

To add to that discussion, besides a mono-block, more options would be nice. It would be nice to see something modular so you could add channels as you needed them. I'm not sure how this would affect the dynamic assignment of power. I suppose it would have to see how many amps were installed in order to intelligently route all potential power. But yeah, it would be nice to be able to buy a channel at a time. It would be a lot easier pill to swallow for some people. That is, if you could split the price of the A1400-8 on a per-channel basis. Obviously, the two channels of the A1400-2 are priced a lot higher. If a single channel was marked up even further, it would make the channel-at-a-time thing very difficult to buy into.

In any case, I want at least 11 channels of amplification total, and I want more potential power than a single outlet could provide, so I would want at least two separate multi-channel amplifiers. In order to stick with Axiom, to get the most bang for the buck, it would have to be two A1400-8 amplifiers. That's a lot of money. What's a realistic target to shoot for price-wise to get, let's say, 12 channels of amplification in two units (2800 potential watts between the two?)? Would a $5k cap allow this possibility and still get Axiom decent profit, do you think? Does this seem like a reasonable goal for Axiom?