Last night I was watching Avatar and was having a hard time hearing the vocals properly from the center channel. A quick run down of the equipment is 2 M60's v2, 1 vp150 v2, 2 20 year energy speakers used for SL and SR. The reciever I have is a Denon 1508.
At first I had the reciever set on Neo DTS 6.1 in Cinema mode and noticed too much mid range causing the vocals to be too muddy. I then changed to Dolby Pro Logic II also in cinema mode. This time the vocals seemed to echo. After a while of messing around with these 2 I tried these in music mode and noticed and increase in clarity from the center channel. Has anyone else experienced this? It was pretty frustrating last night thinking something was wrong with the speakers.
Listening to music, I have been fairly pleased with these speakers, but when it comes to movies, I'm having a heck of a time getting things set.