This isn't an idea for a new product, but I simply wanted to say I'd like to see more professional reviews of Axiom products. It's obviously not for my own sake, since I'm very freely giving them my money. I simply feel they could improve their image and presence by getting their products into more reviewers' hands.

For me, their most compelling recent products have been their A1400 amps and their EP800 subwoofer. The A1400s have had very few reviews, and the EP800 has only had that one review in Israel that I know of. I can understand not sending out review samples of the EP800 with the initial issues, but with the latest version of the amp, it would be nice to see it getting some love around the internet. When you search for either product online, you find forum threads with people asking where to find reviews, and then discussion sort of dies off.

Maybe Axiom is selling what they feel is enough and aren't feeling pressure to try for more exposure. I must admit that I'm hoping for greater volumes to reduce the prices of their amps, though.

So yeah, more reviews. When reviews are scarce, it seems like the company might fear potential criticisms. I don't think Axiom has much to fear in this regard, and any shortcomings that reviews may illuminate can only be good for Axiom in the long run, right?